If you haven’t heard already, Missouri finally passed new laws legalizing cannabis. Welcome to the continuation of the Green Rush! Lucky Leaf Expo Kansas City is happening March 24, 25 2023.

What is Lucky Leaf Expo?

In case you are new to the industry, Lucky Leaf Expo is one of better known cannabis events circuits that allows local businesses, growers, and supporters to get together and connect.

From Lucky Leaf Kansas City website.
“The Show-Me State is seeing green. To help kickstart Missouri’s adult-use cannabis industry, the first Lucky Leaf Expo Kansas City is taking place March 24 and 25 at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center. The two-day business-to-business conference will feature a wide variety of panels, exhibitors, and activations meant to inform and unite the new cannabis marketplace in Missouri. As one of the first cannabis industry trade shows to take place in Kansas City, Lucky Leaf Expo is poised to be an important catalyst in moving the marketplace forward. Missouri’s adult-use cannabis industry is expected to rake in a projected $550 million for the state in the first year alone. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Midwest’s green rush! No Medical Card Needed.”

Lucky Leaf Expo KC Speakers

The new line up of speakers is very exciting.
As of today, here are the registered speakers:

  • Erica Brune – CEO of Lever1
  • Brenda Bader – 30 years of accounting experience
  • Scott Wall – Plant Sap Analysis 101
  • Justin Shannon – Risk Analysis
  • Rose Taylor – Understanding 280-E and taxes
  • Rob Sanchez – ERP and cannabis software
  • Derek Stucki – Controlling cannabis odor
  • Rick Rainbolt – Exploring exotic cannabis strains
  • Justin Esquivel – Cannabis genetics
  • Max Juhasz – The Do’s and Dont’s of Marketing cannabis online

There is still time to get in as an exhibitor or as a speaker.

New Exhibitors Announced at Lucky Leaf KC

As of right now there are a number of well known industry companies involved in the KC event.


Premiere cannabis software designed and used by industry experts. User tested, industry adored, and growing more every day. Increase your sales, customer retention, and improve your service quality overnight.

Hub International


Dutchie is the fastest-growing cannabis technology platform powering cannabis commerce, streamlining dispensary operations, and providing safe and easy access for consumers. Powering over 5,000 dispensaries throughout the U.S. and Canada and facilitating $14 billion in sales annually, Dutchie is a one-stop-shop for retailers, providing solutions for point of sale, ecommerce, payments, and more. To learn more, please visit: business.dutchie.com.

Green Luster Phenos

Green Luster Phenos LLC is a superlative genetics company focusing on providing predictable and uniform offspring to a highly selective group of licensed growers. We specialize in exceptionally high CBD Hemp & Adult use cannabis genetics. GLP is able to foster in one of a kind cultivars using some stable homozygous germ-plasm that has been established over the last decade! We collaborate with many other veteran breeding companies based out of Spain & Amsterdam allowing our genetics program the ability of introducing an entirely new genome to the states! A genome that is one of a kind and scarce on the market.

Treeline Brands

Welcome to TREELINE Brands. We are a vertically integrated hemp company that specializes in retail branding, bulk manufacturing, and global distribution of the highest quality health and wellness products & supplements. TREELINE Brands, Empowering you to feel your best! www.treelinebrands.com


Gain complete visibility into your business with a powerful platform that combines video surveillance with data analytics to improve your cannabis security system. Integrate video security footage with systems data such as access control and point of sale to turn them into tools for loss prevention, operations and so much more.

Smokey River Cannabis

Missouri Hemp Improvement

MHIC is committed to being a trusted leader in the cannabis transportation industry through secure, reliable, and compliant services with unmatched customer support and technology.


Leafwell Logistics

Grow Rebates

Horticultural Lighting Design and Rebates Experts

Destiny Genetics

Integra Specialty Products

Integra Specialty Products offers the latest technology to cure, store, and keep cannabis products fresh. Our two-way humidity control packs include a 100% plant-based and salt-free solution. By doing this, only pure water vapor goes into the flower with no traces of any off gases. This way the cannabis’ smells, flavors, terpenes, etc. stay intact while keeping them fresh! ​ With new products coming out this year including Terpene Infusion and Oxygen Absorbers, Integra Specialty Products strives to help raise the quality and integrity of the cannabis industry.

Mad Farmer

Grow Pro Solutions

“Grow Pros Solutions offers high-quality and high-value product lines that include high-performance LED grow lights and traditional high yield HPS/CMH lights. We offer a complete range of grow light options, including the HM LED grow light series: HM240, HM480, HM660, and HM960. The HM series covers the entire growing stage from seedling to flowering. We also have the LED Clone light and supplemental lighting for indoor greenhouses. Our traditional HPS series features a slim, low-profile, HPSPro and the HPSPro2, comes with adjustable wings. Our product offering is constantly expanding to meet your needs.”

Home & Garden Nutrients

“Grow Your Own Success” with House and Garden Nutrients. House and Garden (H&G) Nutrients was sprouted in Holland in 1990 by William Van De Zwaan and his team of biochemists and researchers in the Dutch cannabis industry. The fertilizer company quickly established itself as an elite plant nutrient supplier with a unique blend of premium raw materials, craft laboratory techniques, and field testing. H&G is now carried in thousands of retail stores and is the fertilizer of choice for multitudes of gardens and commercial grow facilities across the globe. H&G’s Roots Excelurator product is a natural blend of inoculants and extracts, and has become the pinnacle root enhancer of the cannabis industry, and the flagship of the H&G lineup. To adapt to the growth of the industry, H&G is now carried in commercial sizes, including 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. H&G’s customers receive top-notch garden consulting from our crew of seasoned growers, free of charge, a service which facilities normally pay thousands of dollars for. Our consultants can design a custom feeding schedule for any environment, whether it be indoor, hydroponics, greenhouse, or full-sun outdoor. House and Garden Nutrients prides itself in the quality and performance of its product, innovative technologies, talented and dedicated personnel, and unparalleled technical support. Instagram: @houseandgardennutrients, @hng_cuphunters

Strategic Tax Planning

Hub International


VC999 has been a leading global manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines for over 50 years. VC999 packaging machines are designed and constructed in both Herisau, Switzerland and Kansas City, MO in the United States. The product range extends from the smallest table-top vacuum machines to a complete product line including shrink-wrappers, dryers, tray sealers and thermoformers – everything you need for packing your high-quality products.

Liberty Defense Group

BFG Supply

Headquartered in Burton, OH, BFG was founded in 1972 and is celebrating its 50th year of operation in 2022. BFG distributes a full-line of products across complementary green industry segments including professional horticulture, lawn & garden, hydroponic, and Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”). With over 20,000 SKUs in stock, the comprehensive product offering provides a differentiated, one-stop solution to customers.


Build My SOP

Cannabiz Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing for cannabis can be tough. This is where we come in. We have helped some of the biggest online retailers in the CBD and D8 space grow since the 2018 Farm Bill passed. As more states open up, we have positioned ourselves to help you grow your business and reach more customers compliantly. Dope SEO is what we do… but it’s more than just search engine optimization.

Z Cannabis Company

Z Cannabis Company is an American manufacturing company based in Wichita, Kansas. In the fall of 2020 with Commercial aerospace travel down well over 90%, the company recognized the need to diversify. During a lunch meeting, ideas were shared and it was decided to use our Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing skills to design and manufacture innovative products of the highest quality for both wholesale and retail Cannabis industries.

Cova Software

“Cova is the leading POS solution in the cannabis industry. We help cannabis retailers succeed by streamlining operations, increasing revenues, and managing multiple locations through automated compliance, inventory management, customized dashboards, an easy-to-use interface, and capable partner integrations. Our retail platform powers dispensaries with virtually no downtime, even on 4/20, making us the most robust and reliable cannabis POS system available on the market.”


IHORT llc. The Authority in Propagation. We are the innovator of stabilized soil media. Offering numerous sizes of propagation plugs and prefilled trays to help you put on stronger roots, quicker. Proudly Made in the USA. #werootforyou


Cannabis IT services including site design, installation, procurement, and 24/7 IT management and tech support. For dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers anywhere in Canada or the US. Try the latest in digital cannabis tech at our booth, including self-service kiosks, Elo tablets and POS terminals, Zebra label printers, and Star Micronics receipt printers.